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 September BANLIST 2012.

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PostSubject: September BANLIST 2012.   Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:19 am

First topic message reminder :

Okay so, i want to know all of your suggestions and input on the SEPTEMBER BANLIST of 2012

Here are my thoughts:

1) RESCURE RABBIT - This is really obvious but rescue rabbit is a pain in the ass no matter how you look at it, and yes with priority gone its not AS good but still, Either needs to be BANNED or LIMITED.

2) INZEKTOR HORNET - Everyone hates this card, being able to summon dragonfly, equip from graveyard or hand then popping a card and special summoning centipede then doing it all over again! BANNED, LIMITED or SEMI-LIMITED.

3)WIND UP HUNTER - To be honest, i use to really like wind ups before i knew they were top tier and before i knew about WIND UP HUNTER, he makes the loop possible and its what makes that deck REALLY good. People run them in one so i think it should be BANNED.

4) FIVE-HEADED DRAGON - I think that this card should be banned because of CHAOS DRAGONS. Being able to set up your graveyard with five cards that pretty much wins the game is OP. I'm not saying FUTURE FUSION because that card can be used for so much more. It's just over powered in CHAOS DRAGONS. So definitely BANNED.

5) SUPER POLYMERIZATION - This is really obvious, BEing able to take one of your opponents monsters to use it as a fusion material, Stupid. BUT, that's not the bad part, not being able to REACT to the card with SPELLS OR TRAPS is ridiculous. That's what really makes it OVER POWERED. (I guess you can discard one card for MIRACLE FUSION which doesn't help the apposing player). BANNED or LIMITED for sure.

Those are my main thoughts for now! What are yours?

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PostSubject: Re: September BANLIST 2012.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:42 pm

Lol. As much as i love these ideas, i dont think they will be touching ANYTHING that has to deal with XYZ. They got rid of trishula just to prove that D:. While i would love black whirlwind to be semi and dragonfly and laggia to be limited, i doubt that would happen. There were only a few synchros banned before the XYZ monsters came out and they were OP. I loved goyo guardian Razz and dark strike fighter. they were 2 of the few banned. I doubt many XYZ would be banned. TBH i dont think any of the tier 1 decks are gonna be hit and if they are, it wont be too devastating. Dont worry 12 you won't have to worry about hieratics Razz

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Ice Chevalier
Ice Chevalier

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PostSubject: Re: September BANLIST 2012.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:58 pm

Well they will have to. With today's meta game, you pretty much have to play the meta to beat the meta. I'll admit there are decks that can compete with todays meta... But I have had conversations with people about yugioh now. It has become more of a competition between the same decks.
Before, you could go to a tournament with any kind of deck and play really well and maybe actually get somewhere... How the meta is now you can't do that. You are confined to face rabbits, inzektors and chaos dragons... And maybe a few hero/bubble beat decks. If they leave the meta how it is now yugioh will most likely lose popularity. I will say if they do hit top tier decks it will piss some people off but really if a deck is that good and you play it, you have to be prepared to see it get hit by the banlist.

It comes downto releasing better cards to beat todays meta or hit the cards that make the meta. Like dragonfly, rabbit and carrier.

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PostSubject: Re: September BANLIST 2012.   Mon Jul 09, 2012 4:05 pm

Like the cards i listed on here before, they're not ALL gonna get hit by the banlist but maybe 1 or 2. The ones they think are overpowered. Or todays meta, If they hit all the cards i listed then they're would be no meta lol
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PostSubject: Re: September BANLIST 2012.   

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September BANLIST 2012.
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