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 Death's deck shop

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Obelisk Blue
Obelisk Blue

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PostSubject: Death's deck shop    Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:42 pm

First before anything I want to say Toxic allowed me to do this, if there is an issue I am sure it can be handled properly. I shall post and sell minor decks that have won me a few duels at low prices, and major ones such as my main.

* Realife deck. (started from the dawn of the xyz's deck with personal edits only with cards I have in real life, not recommended however it can be customized.) -15

*Strings deck (gen 1 character deck, traditional only) - 25 points

*Lightpulsar deck (a deck which has won me a few duels, however it is not perfect but lots of room to personalize it.)- 50 points

*Magicians deck (based around dark magician, uses xyz's and stardust for support)- 50 points

*HERO deck (a deck which has won me a good amount of duels, lots of room for improvement and room to personalize)- 75 points

*Draguns Will (my personal Dragunity deck, made by me for me, this deck has no room to personalize but wins me almost every duel. However this deck is built for me so use with caution.)- 250 points

**Soon to possibly come***
monarchs deck.
silent swordsman/ mystic swordsman deck.


Whats the point of fighting if you don't lose a few, why fight if you got no challenge, only those who fight to become better than someone else are those who shall only face me, don't even come to me and disgrace me if you can't even put up a challenge. Those who give up are better off dead.
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Death's deck shop
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